Sheree with her dogs, Solomon, Skye & Safrin

Sheree Dietz ABCDT

2009 Honor Graduate of Animal Behavior College in California


In-home private training sessions accomplishes the best results as Sheree works directly with you and your dog in your own environment to address the special needs of your situation.  No time spent on other dogs as in group classes.

Positive, reward-based training techniques along with clicker training will help you motivate your dog to focus on you while teaching them manners and obedience skills.

Clicker Training:  Learn to train with a clicker for precise marking of wanted behaviors.  This training aid works extremely well to train obedience, wanted behaviors and fun tricks.

Group Classes Offered: Puppy Class & Beyond the Basics

These classes will be held during Spring and Summer months  

Schedule your young pup for private lessons with Sheree before they develop bad habits.